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Marvin J. Plowden J.D., LL.M

CEO / Founder

Marvin J. Plowden is the owner and founder of MTC Sports Group, LLC. Marvin followed his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer after being accepted into Faulkner’s Jones School of Law in 2015. While at Jones, he developed and honed his negotiation and counseling skills following the Business & Non-profit law career pathway, which is most helpful to sports lawyers. After Marvin earned his J.D graduating from Jones in May 2018, he continued his legal studies completing the Masters of Law Program in Advocacy & Dispute Resolution. Shortly after graduation, Marvin enrolled in SMWW’s agent prep course taught by former NFL Agent Joel Corry and successfully completed NFLPA certification in August 2018. Marvin’s love for sports blossomed at an early age but his intrigue was set in the nuances of the game unlike most children. Playing sports from elementary school, through high school and then college, sports has been a constant staple in his life. A consummate athlete, Marvin participated in every team sport made available to him, from basketball, soccer, football, and even hockey. Heavily influenced by his high school football coach, the legendary Don Durrett, Marvin graduated from Saginaw High and went on to play football at Grand Valley State University (2004-2006), and winning D-II National Title in 2005.



  • Representation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Endorsements/Appearances
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Pre-Combine Training
  • Financial Management 
  • Media Training
  • Mental Health & Wellness Support

Joffre Lester, MBA

Marketing and Brand Development

Joffre Lester, MBA is a Brand Communications Specialist with over 10 years of experience developing strategy, activating campaigns, and managing brand initiatives throughout the entertainment industry. Joffre has successfully built a number of lucrative subsidiary programs for professional athletes, serving as the liaison and key point of contact for his clients while executing projects on their behalf.

Afu Okosun, M.S., ALC,


Counselor, curator, and community developer. Afu Okosun, M.s., ALC, is an interdisciplinary, creative professional with experience in social & psychological development, non-profit & grants consulting, social entrepreneurship, economic development, and community planning & branding. Afu is the owner/founder of First Mind Counseling. • Life coaching • Counseling & psychotherapy • Accountability partnership • Career counseling

Demond Simpkins

Fitness Training

Demond Simpkins (“Body by Demond”) is a true expert fitness professional with over 13 years in the fitness industry. Throughout Demond’s tenure as a certified professional personal trainer, he has dedicated his life to tackling the arrays of dysfunctional body types and improving the lives of the everyday American to top athletes and entertainers in downtown Atlanta. Demond specializes in goal specific training programs, weight loss and weight gain, functional and corrective posture exercises, nutritional programs, balance and flexibility training, speed and agility, and boxing programs. Demond, a former collegiate athlete at Alabama State University known as the “Iron Hornet”, feels he must equip each client with self-knowledge, self-motivation, and self-inspiration to reach peak physical functionality and fitness. Demond has assisted a wide range of clientele with offseason and pre-combine prep in the NFL.


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